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Impressive Boat Handling by 15 years Old Boy

56′ Post Marine.. Ripley Light Marina, Charleston SC. “Pisces IV” docked in between 61′ Garlington “Rodeo” and 60′ Spencer “Chasin”.

I had a boat repair business years ago.

What shocked me were how many adults would buy boats like this and could not operate them.

I picked up one customer specifically because he spent 3 hours trying to get his boat back in the slip and could not do it. While I was a proficient sailboat guy, got his 56′ twin engine Motor yacht in within 5 minutes. He had owned the boat for 7 years.

Did not know how the “level things” worked to pivot boats. Hats off to the parents of this kid for giving him the helm times to master these skills. I wish this kid would teach half the owners in each marina the same skills.


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