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Civilian With A Concealed Carry Stops Carjacker’s Shooting Spree

A pair of armed good Samaritans brought a carjacker’s shooting spree to a quick end.

The incident began when Tim Day shot through the windshield of 16-year-old Danner Barton’s car. “I ducked my head and I gunned it,” Barton said. The teen suffered only minor injuries to his hand as one bullet passed through his windshield and became lodged in the steering wheel.

Survelliance footage below shows Day running into the nearby Tumwater Walmart. Once inside, the would-be carjacker began pushing shoppers aside in a mad dash to the sporting goods section.

In the video, Day can be seen firing into the locked ammunition case and stealing handgun rounds. After reloading, he ran back outside and began desperately trying to steal another vehicle. Day’s shooting spree continued as he fired at two other people, wounding Rick Fievez who remains in critical condition.

Before he could steal his victim’s car, Day was stopped by a pair of armed citizens.

The two men, who asked to remain unidentified, shot and killed the 44-year-old carjacker in the parking lot.

“He is a hero. This (suspect) could have taken out more people, wounded or killed,” witness Brian Adams said. “(The suspect) hijacks a car apparently to get here, then hijacks another car. If this customer hadn’t done what he did…. Yeah, he’s a hero.”

According to local NBC affiliate King 5 News, police allege that Day was responsible for several carjacking incidents earlier this summer. Police would not identify the good Samaritans, but revealed that one hero was a 47-year-old pastor, medic, and volunteer firefighter from Oakville.

Day has a history of drug and weapons crimes. Police believe he was under the influence during the shooting spree.

No charges have been filed against the armed citizens.

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