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Impressive Boat Handling by 15 years Old Boy

56′ Post Marine.. Ripley Light Marina, Charleston SC. “Pisces IV” docked in between 61′ Garlington “Rodeo” and 60′ Spencer “Chasin”. I had a boat repair business years ago. What shocked me were how many adults would buy boats like this and could not operate them. I picked up one customer ...

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When Dancing Goes Horribly Wrong!

A bunch of young guys and girls are having fun on their boats. At the beginning of the video you can see a skinny girl twerking in the rhythm of the music. Then another girl joins her. It seems like one of the guys could handle one skinny girl twerking ...

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5 Horrifying Boat Crashes Caught On Camera

Today we look at 5 Horrifying Boat Crashes Caught On Camera! 1st one : What a IDIOT ! You just can’t fix Stupid ! And the pigs.. they won’t admit to that crash ! And if they do the judge would let them off anyway ” because they were in ...

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