When Dancing Goes Horribly Wrong!

A bunch of young guys and girls are having fun on their boats.

At the beginning of the video you can see a skinny girl twerking in the rhythm of the music.

Then another girl joins her. It seems like one of the guys could handle one skinny girl twerking but when the other came it was too much for him.

Overjoyed by the view he tried to come to the other boat where the girls were twerking.

He obviously felt dizziness by being so close to those hot girls and felt like he was shot.

Click on the video to see what really happens.

5 Horrifying Boat Crashes Caught On Camera

Today we look at 5 Horrifying Boat Crashes Caught On Camera!

1st one : What a IDIOT !

You just can’t fix Stupid !

And the pigs.. they won’t admit to that crash !

And if they do the judge would let them off anyway ” because they were in pursuit” just an excuse to say no way we’re paying for that.

2: Well your the dumbasses that crossed right in front of them. IDIOTS !

3th one: Drunk And stupid !


When you’re behind the wheel of a car, less weight and more power is the key to going fast and it just so happens that the formula manages to hold true when you hit the water as well. It looks like this team has that concept pinned to the wall pretty well if we do say so ourselves.

With a four-rotor rotary power plant on board that’s able to crank out 1300 hp and a boat that’s big enough to fit only two people, this looks to be an absolute freak on the liquid surface as blasts around this obstacle course with a driver that is plenty confident in his abilities to make the ride all that much better.

Thanks to a mountable action camera, we’re able to go along for the ride and it is an absolute blast to watch this thing hurl its way around the corners as the ultimate power to weight ratio on the water is mixed with some pretty attractive skills to come up with the best combination of aquatic motorsports that we’ve seen in a while.


[VIDEO] Someone Got Fired For Every Clip In Disastrous Boat Fail Compilation

Boating is the backbone of global trade which often goes unsung or taken for granted.

What many people don’t realize is how dangerous and destructive navigating our planet’s oceans can still be today, despite advanced technology and equipment.

That’s what makes all of these accidents and slip ups involving boats that much more jaw-dropping is how much these things will ultimately cost to fix. Definitely coming out of someone’s paychecks.

Russian Jet Peels Away After US Destroyer Fires Warning Shots

A Russian fighter jet got a rude awakening in the Black Sea when it tried to buzz a U.S. warship. Instead of just letting it happen, the crew of the warship fired warning shots, scaring the jet away.

According to the U.K. Mirror, the Russian jet came within yards of the deck of the USS Porter. The ship then fired warning shots into the air, which scared off the intruder.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that the incident happened on Feb. 10, less than a month after President Donald Trump took office.

Girls Riding Fly Jets! You Will Love This Video!

It`s really very hard to write about such perfection. Ocean, sun, attractive Brazilian women and fly jets! Do you remember fly boards? It is actually a board that have two jet-turbines and intakes water in order to lift you up high many feet above water surface.

Awesome entertainment feature. However, not long ago, a new device appeared that goes by the name of fly jet. It is a combination between a jet board and a motorcycle. So, greatest way to test these babies? Brazilian Girls! In this video, we have all the elements needed in order to conduct a perfect test.

Being in company of attractive Brazilian women is always a good idea. Plus, they are great for test drives and like in all of them we have a go-pro camera located on a very special place.

Just enough to capture the Brazilian coconuts. Back to the fly jets, the manufacturer states that it is not extremely hard to operate these devices. There are also many detailed tutorials on the matter. However, it looks like it`s not that simple.


Bizarre Moment a Man Destroys His Boat, That Had to HURT

Footage of the crash has since gone viral after it was shared on social media and has caused a stir online, with commenters debating whether it was done on purpose and expressing surprise at how suddenly the crash occurred.

The video post has had more than 559,000 views and almost 4,000 comments since it was shared on Greymouth jetboater Kieran Wisdom’s Facebook on Monday.

The footage starts off calmly enough, with Mr Wisdom speeding along in his boat on the Grey River, located in the northwest of the South Island, before he makes a right turn and the boat starts moving closer to the bank where a friend is filming.

At this stage it appears that he loses control of the small boat, which starts to veer side to side slightly.